Measurement and Budget

We have received your architectural projects and specialties, and we provide the best proposal. Request your budget now!



We make the architectural and stability projects essentials to use "LSF System B(A)ª" or, upon request, we provide all the necessary projects for the licensing and execution of the construction.

Management and Supervision of construction

Welcoming the principles of quality and customer satisfaction, we plan all phases of your construction from compatibility project to execution.


Differentiated production based on superior manufacturing, communicational, automation/digitization and process integration capacities. Full factory production ensures the quality of the structure and materials used.


The assembly process consists of mounting the structural system of your construction. Depending on the characteristics, the system can be provided in profiles for assembly on-premises or in panels already assembled.


Our specialized teams in the installation of the constructive system "LSF System B(A)ª" guarantee the best quality of execution of your construction.

CVP/Centro de Vendas a Profissionais

The supply of the materials that make up the constructive system "LSF System B(A)ª" part of a rigorous market analysis, guaranteeing the best brands at a suitable price for their construction.


In order to guarantee the highest quality and speed in the application of the system, we adequately transmit the best knowledge. We form specialized teams for the execution of your work.